We provide ODM, OEM and JDM services, and we have the intelligent electroinc control technologies meeting the needs from household appliances, commercial, industrial and medical instruments markets on hardware and software.

We provide development and manufacturing solutions for all kinds of customized electrical control systems.

Topband invests at least 10% of its revenue into R&D each year. Built a high qualified R&D team of almost 400 engineers and obtained more than 200 patents, we possess some amount of leading control solutions and key algorithms in the technologies of TFT touch, fuzzy control, fluid control, variable frequency control, image identification and processing etc,.

We have a dedicated team carrying out embedded product development for operating systems like android, Linux and modular product development connecting WIFI or Bluetooth. We are able to provide an one-stop solutions including cloud access, mobile application, screen application, board level control for Smart Home and IOT products.

Being in the electronic controller industry for 20 years, we have been involving in white appliances, bathroom appliances, power tools, household appliances, environmental appliance segments etc,. In all these segments, we have deeply study on products through cooperation in between our specific product line divisions and various customers, including functional requirement, national standards and industrial standards, safety and certification, which improves the development quality and efficiency greatly.

Besides a central laboratory, Topband also has some specialized laboratories based on different product lines. Our central lab is accredited with the International Lab Certification by CNAS, CIF test certificate by IECEE, and TMP certificate by DEKRA, which can enable EMC, safety, reliability and environmental testing etc., along the product design and manufacturing phases. Specialized laboratories based on different product lines can provide adjustment and verification services at the product development phase, to ensure product reliability.